In order to constantly check your site for issues and downtime, KeepUsUp regularly accesses your webpages to see how well they are operating. Naturally, you might think that this would give your site a bunch of extra non-existent visitors each day but this is not necessarily the case. Whether our checks affect your statistics depends on what you use to collect the data.


Older Statistics Programs

If you’re using older website statistics programs such as Awstat or Webalizer then your traffic data is collected from logs generated by your web server. This unfortunately means that visits from KeepUsUp will be tracked and included in your statistics. However, these programs also allow you to ignore hits from specific visitors. If you would like, we would be happy to configure the program for you and prevent it from calculating our checks into your web traffic data.


Newer Statistics Programs

Newer website statistics packages such as Google Analytics are different. They work by running a specific javascript file that is embedded into your webpages and this tracks the number of visitors to your page, as well as collecting other valuable information. However, KeepUsUp doesn’t run that javascript file so Google Analytics doesn’t count our visits as hits. This leaves your website statistics entirely unaffected.


If you’re currently using older website statistic programs, we highly recommend switching to Google Analytics. It is free to use and is by far the best statistics tool available right now. If you feel like changing over but aren’t certain how to do so, please contact us at and we’d be happy to help you get it operational.

KeepUsUp Support Team

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