Once you’ve added websites and pages to be checked you will be able to click a “See Details” link underneath the bar charts on your Dashboard page. This will take you to the Details page, which will display more complex information about our diagnosis of your site.

At the top of the Details page will be the URL of the website. Underneath this is a list of the pages we’re monitoring within that website, displayed side-by-side. Hovering over any of these tabs will show the full URL of the page being checked. By clicking on them you can see graphical information about what we found when trying to access that particular page.

Beneath the page URLs is a series of tabs for controlling the time period you wish to view. You can switch between Day, Week, Month, and Months to get an accurate overview of how your site is doing. Clicking any of these tabs will change the range displayed on the x-axis of the graphs.

The choice of graphs you can look at are: Availability, Downtime, Response Time, and Responsiveness.

This is a simple graph showing whether or not we could access your site over a certain time period. If one of our checks failed to connect to your site, you will see a dip in the graph. On the left-hand, y-axis of the graph is the percentage availability and at the bottom, x-axis is the time period. The bottom axis figures depend on whether you have selected Day, Week, Month, or Months at the top.

This is another simple graph to show you whether your site has been up and down over the selected time period and will rise and fall depending on the number of times your site went down.

Response Time
This graph shows how long it took for your website to respond to our access request. On the y-axis is the number of seconds and on the bottom is your selected time period. If this graph fluctuates wildly it could signify instability issues with your site.

The Responsiveness graph displays a percentage value of the number of requests your site responded to. Ideally this should be a flat line at 100, but will dip if there were any points where it failed to load properly.

If you would like any more information about the Details page or you are unsure what your graphs mean, please feel free to email us at support@keepusup.com for help.

KeepUsUp Support Team

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