The Dashboard is the main point of interaction and information on the KeepUsUp website. Here is where you begin and also where you will come back to to check the data gathered about your site.


Once you have added websites to be checked your Dashboard will display bar charts showing the responsiveness and availability of your chosen pages. You will see a list of sites you want monitored and the pages being looked at within those sites grouped underneath. The bar charts come in three different colors depending on how your site performed in our tests. Green is good and means there is nothing to worry about, yellow indicates minor problems which will require more monitoring to see if they are persistent, and red means there is a real issue with your site that needs resolving. If a bar chart is red a “Fix This” button will appear, allowing you to quickly get in contact with us about the problem.

Problems with availability usually mean that your server has briefly gone down or became overloaded with requests and couldn’t respond to our check. If this only happens once or twice then you’ll get a yellow bar. If it occurs more frequently and your uptime dips below 99% then the bar will turn red and we will need to take a closer look. With uptime you should aim for 99.5% or higher ideally.

Response speed is based on how fast your page loads. If your bar is green, this probably means your site loaded within 1 second. This is ideal. Longer than this will get you a yellow rating and if your page fails to load entirely then you’ll get a red bar.


On the Dashboard page you can now also add more checks by clicking “Add Site” in the top corner or look at more thorough information about your checked sites by clicking “See Details” at the bottom of each group of pages.

website monitoring complete check


When you first sign up to KeepUsUp your Dashboard will look different to its normal state. Initially it gives you two options for adding checks, Auto Check Creation and Manual Check Creation. You only have to use these if you would like to set up KeepUsUp manually. Otherwise, you can just email us and we’ll do the whole set up for you. There are more details about how to add checks in our Knowledge Base.

website monitoring dashboard front page


If you want a more thorough explanation of how to use the KeepUsUp website, please take a look at our walkthrough, send us an email, or use our contact form to message us with your queries. We’re happy to help.

KeepUsUp Support Team

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