At KeepUsUp having your website monitored for problems is easy. Simply talk to us through email or our online contact form and we’ll set everything up for you. We know that you’d much rather spend your time expanding your business instead of fixing it, so our entire monitoring system can be operated over email, making it as easy as possible for you to get on with the important stuff.


Rather go it alone?

If you’d prefer to do things manually then you can always set yourself up for monitoring using our web interface. When doing so, we recommend adding at least three URLs so you can get broad enough monitoring coverage and a good site diagnosis. Ideally, these should be:

– The homepage
– An internal page that requires clicking links to access
– A functional page like search results or a shopping cart

Here is an example of a homepage, an internal page and a functional page from a real website.

If you do plan on setting up your checks yourself, the minimum you should add for a good diagnosis of your site is the homepage.


So, when going it alone there are two options for adding webpages to be monitored: Auto Check Creation and Manual Check Creation. If you choose Auto, you can just paste in a URL and we’ll figure out what kind of link it is and add the appropriate checks for you. The only other information you need to give us is the email you want to receive the real-time alerts containing the results.

There are three different frequencies of email alert to choose from, and these are: weekly, daily, and real-time. These email alerts will give you accurate, easy-to-understand information about the health of your site and allow you to decide what action you want us to take to fix any issues. If you want to change how often you receive the email alerts, just let us know.


If you choose Manual Check Creation, you can get a bit more hands on with what kind of pages you want checked.

Here is an example of the page you will see when adding a check manually:
website monitoring add check


In the “Phrases to match” box, you can add parts of text from your website so that our monitoring system can make sure everything on your pages is displaying correctly. It is very important that the text you put into this box exactly matches the HTML on the webpage, otherwise our system will throw up false errors. This means that even if your webpage says “Store Front”, you need to copy in the HTML version, for example: “Store%20Front”, to get an accurate result.

The “post body” box is there for you to tell us whether your site uses GET or POST HTML methods when users submit form information. Filling this in will help us make sure your site is responding correctly to all submission requests.

At the bottom of the page you should then add at least one email to receive real-time email alerts about the status of your webpage. Again, you can choose how often you receive these email alerts by emailing us.

Once you have filled in all the boxes you want to fill in, be sure to click the “Test Check” button to make sure that the webpage you’ve added is valid and that our system can access it. If everything is ok, you’ll see a “Test passed successfully.” notification appear at the top of the page and you’re ready to click the “Save Changes” button.

You can also add secure “https” pages and name server checks (“dns”) here, to make sure everything is running smoothly.


Once you’ve clicked the “Save Changes” button you’ll go back to the Dashboard page and it will look like this:
website monitoring no data

Currently there’s no information because you only just added the page and we haven’t done any checks yet. As soon as the “Add Site” request is processed (usually about an hour later) we’ll automatically begin monitoring your site for you and the results will be displayed on this page. This is now your default Dashboard page. From here you can add another page by clicking “Add Site” in the top left (this will take you back to the choice of Auto or Manual Check Creation) or see more details about what our checks found by clicking “See Details”.

If at any stage you get lost or confused (we appreciate that despite our best efforts there is still a lot of computer jargon floating about), don’t worry. Understanding all this stuff is not essential, by any means. All you really need to do is send us an email with the site you want monitored and we’ll be perfectly willing to set up the whole thing and maintain all your checks for you.

KeepUsUp Support Team

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