About Us

Why should I use KeepUsUp?

Over the past several years, the world of the internet has changed dramatically. The number of users, and the number of websites, has exploded, with everyone from independent hobbyists to giant mega-corporations representing themselves online. Unfortunately, this means that nowadays people expect a higher standard of website and it is harder than ever to stand out above the crowd. However, it is now very easy to stand out as behind the times.

People’s expectations and demands of online content and website performance has also increased. To have a page of your website load slowly, or even worse, not at all, can have an extremely damaging effect on your brand image and the likelihood of return visits to your site. Statistics show that 40% of website visitors will not wait more than just 5 seconds for a page to load. If you’re having that kind of wait time on your payment page, that’s potentially 40% of your profit lost. If you’re running an important business, such as a health service or online banking site, these problems could be disastrous.

At KeepUsUp it is our aim to prevent that from happening. We hope to give all our clients fully functional, efficient, and hassle-free websites that perform to the standard expected by the world of internet users. We will monitor your pages closely and give accurate, easy-to-understand feedback about any potential problems and what can be done about them. We’ll even help fix them for you if you need to spend your time on more pressing matters.

To sign up to KeepUsUp please send us an email to support@keepusup.com and we’ll be happy to get you set up.

What is KeepUsUp?

Simply put, KeepUsUp is a service for monitoring and diagnosing problems with your website. Once you sign up and give us the URL of your site, we will routinely visit it to make sure everything is running smoothly and provide you with solutions if it’s not.

KeepUsUp is an international company dedicated to making it simple for businesses around the world to function online without having to constantly monitor their own performance. It is made up of a team with years of experience in IT, computing, and web development who believe that after having done so much hard work to get this far that no one else should have to go through it all as well!

Do I need technical knowledge to use KeepUsUp?

Not at all. At KeepUsUp we’ve already spent years learning everything that’s needed in order to maintain fully functioning websites and we know just how much time and effort it requires. Time and effort that you don’t have if you’re also trying to run a business.

Therefore, we decided to create a hassle-free system that can be used by anyone, from someone just out of college all the way to your own grandma!

If you’re looking to get started with KeepUsUp, just send us an email at support@keepusup.com and we’ll set the whole thing up for you. If you’re already signed up but unsure about something or have more questions, you can take a look at our Knowledge Base, or send us an email as well! We’re always happy to help you take a technical load off your shoulders.

About Our Service

What happens when your system finds a problem?

Depending on how you’ve set up your alerts we will either notify you immediately of a problem, or add it to the log to be sent to you when you’re ready for it.
After you’ve reviewed our findings we’ll offer you support and guidance on how to solve it, or you can let us take the reigns and fix it without you having to worry about it. How involved you are in the process is up to you.

What do you mean when you say you’ll ‘improve my website performance’?

Basically, at KeepUsUp we aim to make your website run faster, better and smoother. This can involve any number of things, from decreasing the amount of downtime and server outages, to increasing the loading speed of your pages. The things that affect these factors can vary a lot, so we’ll help you track down the source of the problem with our monitoring program and then work to fix it for you.

Our customer support is always around to help you with any issues you might have, so please email us at support@keepusup.com if you’re having any problems at all with your site.

Do I need to install anything to use KeepUsUp?


Everything at KeepUsUp is done on our end in order to make the process as hassle-free for you as possible. Simply sign up and give us your URLs, and we’ll do the rest.

Do your reports also reflect site responsiveness to mobile and tablet visits?

At KeepUsUp our monitoring takes the form of a regular internet user accessing your site using a cable or DSL connection. That means that when we’re checking up on your site, we’re sending page requests that the website thinks is just a normal visitor. This is what our monitoring primarily reflects and the results we give you about the health of your site are based on the idea that most people will visit your pages in this way.

If someone is accessing your website from a phone or tablet but using Wi-Fi, then the diagnosis we give you will be accurate to how they will find the site. However, if someone is using mobile, cell phone internet such as 3G or 4G then this will naturally mean their speed and response times will be slower than our measurements.

Ultimately, this means it is even more crucial to make sure that your uptime and speed are at the top of their game because mobile internet makes these numbers worse depending on the reliability of the cell phone carrier.

During what hours do you monitor my site?

All hours! KeepUsUp monitors your site 24/7 to make sure we catch any potential problems as soon as they occur, and so that we can give you an accurate diagnosis of the health of your website.

What information about me do you collect?

Like all websites, KeepUsUp collects non-identifying information from you when you visit our website. This info is readily available and usually consists of browser type, language preference, referring site, and the date and time of your visit. We use this information to better understand how people use our website so we can continue to improve it.

The only information that KeepUsUp collects that could identify you personally is the stuff that you give us when you sign up, or if you leave a comment anywhere on our site. However, as stated in our Privacy Policy, we will absolutely not share your personal information with any third parties unless they need it to help us perform our site monitoring tasks and they have also agreed not to share it with anyone.

In fact, at KeepUsUp we have pretty strong views about collecting personal data. We have a few fundamental principles that govern how we approach personal info:

  • We don’t ask you for personal information unless we truly need it. (We can’t stand services that ask you for things like your gender or income level for no apparent reason.)
  • We don’t share your personal information with anyone except to comply with the law, develop our products, or protect our rights.
  • We don’t store personal information on our servers unless required for the on-going operation of one of our services.

The only time we would break these rules would be in the event of a court order or subpoena.

Additionally, unlike most websites nowadays, KeepUsUp will happily let you browse our site with cookies disabled. This will however lead to some parts of the site not working properly.

For more information about what we do with the information we collect, please see our Privacy Policy.

Are your downtime reports accurate?

Yes, they are. We’ve tried very hard to make sure that the results we give you about your website’s down and uptime are as accurate as possible.

In order to achieve this we have three separate computers at different locations routinely accessing your site and then cross-referencing with each other. This means that if one of the computers fails to access your site, the others will immediately try to access it as well. If there are 5-6 consecutive failures in a row from all the computers, then we send out a downtime alert to you, or log it as part of a later report if you prefer.

What’s more, the likelihood of a computer giving a ‘false positive’, that is, recording the site as unavailable when it is working fine, is very small. The likelihood of three computers all thinking a working website is down at the same time, five times in a row, is so tiny as to be nearly impossible. In this way, we guarantee that the information we give you is completely accurate.

How often will I receive alerts about downtime?

This is entirely up to you. We have three different options for when we send out our information to you and these are: Real-time, Daily, or Weekly.

Which one is best for you depends on your type of business and your requirements. A more detailed article about our alerts can be found in our Knowledge Base here.


Do you protect against hackers or viruses?

When you add a site to be monitored by KeepUsUp there is an option to add phrases to match, as well as adding the content body of a post. If you give us this information it means we can make sure the text on your website is the same as what you’ve provided, effectively checking for potential hacking or viruses that would disrupt your site content.
If you’re very concerned about preventing hacking or viruses from attacking your site, our technical team will be more than happy to help manage your web hosting for you. They will then regularly scan your server for viruses or other problems and help keep your site safe from harm. If you think this might be a good option for you, please email us at support@keepusup.com and let us know.

Can I call you if I have a problem?

At the moment, we do not have a phone service you can call. KeepUpUs is currently just a small team of dedicated personnel working on an idea.
For the sake of accuracy and clarity, we decided against a phone support service so that we can quickly identify anyone who needs help and get their sites back up and running ASAP.
In the future, once the company has taken on more clients, there are plans to implement a telephone support line. We’ll be sure to let you know when it’s up and running. In the mean time, please email support@keepusup.com if you have any worries or problems.

What if I have a problem that KeepUsUp hasn’t found?

This is very unlikely to happen. The checks that we run on your site are very thorough and anything that is negatively affecting your website’s performance will be clearly visible.

However, on the off chance that KeepUsUp tells you everything is fine but you are having issues yourself, please contact us at support@keepusup.com and we’ll help you fix the problem (and hopefully also find out why it was missed in the first place).

You say my site is down, but it isn’t?

This probably means you have a problem with your host’s web server (where the information for your website is stored) that means it is not sending the information to all users properly. We will be happy to help fix this problem for you.

You can find out more information about this problem in our Knowledge Base here.

My website stats program can’t handle all your visits!

Don’t panic! This problem can be solved with relative ease.

If you’re using an older website statistics program such as Webalizer or Awstat then you will need to manually instruct it to ignore hits from us. If you’re unsure how to do this, please email us at support@keepusup.com so we can take a look at it for you.

If you’re using Google Analytics as the source of your website statistics, then our visits should not be a problem. Google Analytics uses a javascript file embedded into your webpage to collect data about visitors and we do not run this file when we load your pages. This means our visits will not be recorded and your web stats will remain reliable.

At KeepUsUp we highly recommend using Google Analytics as it’s the best and most comprehensive website statistics program on the market at the moment, and it’s free!

Will you fix my site for me?

Of course! We won’t just send you the details of what we find when monitoring your site (unless you ask us to). If something goes wrong we’ll also delve into the problem and help you fix it.

How much you learn about the issue is entirely up to you. If you’re tech minded, or just like to be on top of things, then we’ll happily walk you through the problems we’ve encountered. Otherwise, feel free to get on with other important stuff while we repair things in the background. The choice is up to you.

Do you provide product support?

Absolutely. We have a Knowledge Base full of articles to help you further understand what your website diagnosis means and to give you a bit of extra info about what we’re checking for and what all those computer terms mean.

If you’ve taken a look around and still can’t find an answer to your question, we’d be more than happy to help. Send us an email at support@keepusup.com or fill out our online contact form and one of our team will get back to you.


How does payment work?

Unlike other site monitoring companies, at KeepUsUp we don’t believe in locking people into long-term payment plans. When you use our service you only pay for the monitoring you use each month.

Our monitoring fee is $1 per month per page. So if you sign up with 10 pages to be monitored then we’ll charge you $10 at the end of each month until you tell us you want to add, remove, or suspend pages, or stop altogether.

You can have us monitor as many or as few pages as you like, but for full coverage of an average site we recommend at least three pages. These should be:

1. The homepage
2. An internal page that requires clicking links to access
3. A functional page like search results or a shopping cart

Bigger sites will require more pages to make sure that any and all faults are discovered. If you’re unsure how many pages you should add please feel free to email us at support@keepusup.com and we’ll be happy to advise you on what’s best for your budget, business, and site size.

Do you do refunds?

If you’re not happy with the service we’ve provided then please let us know! After all, we can’t improve if we don’t know what we did wrong. We’d be very grateful if you’d send us an email at support@keepusup.com to let us know your complaint.

If you would still like a refund then we will happily return the cost of the current or previous month’s monitoring as per our Terms of Use.

Can I upgrade to a premium package?

At KeepUsUp we strive to keep our monitoring simple to understand and easy to use, for everyone. With this in mind, we decided not to introduce a premium package. We want to give top-level monitoring and support whether you’re running one site or 100 sites.

Similarly, we want to make sure you get the information you need in an easily digestible format, rather than a jumble of confusing acronyms that mean nothing to anyone who doesn’t work in IT. By offering one solution for everyone, we feel we can more adequately reach this goal.

If you would like some more information about your reports, feel free to email us at support@keepusup.com and we’ll be happy to explain things to you in more detail.