With KeepUsUp monitoring your site, you have a choice of when you are notified about potential problems or occurrences of downtime. There are three different frequencies of email alert to choose from: weekly, daily, and real-time.



If you choose a weekly alert, you’ll get a statistics report each week that summarizes the performance of your website for all the checks carried out by KeepUsUp. This option is ideal for individuals and hobbyists wishing to promote their craft who don’t have an email address dedicated to maintenance of their site, or the time to be sifting through a lot of data. You will receive a clear and simple bar chart for your site, showing how it scored in our checks, and also an overall grade for how healthy it is.

Here is an example of a weekly summary:
website monitoring performance summary



This option will send you an email each day detailing any problems your site has encountered within the last 24 hours. If your site has been running smoothly the whole day then you won’t receive a message. Picking this option is best for smaller businesses who are not (yet) striving to lead their market and just want their website to remain healthy and operational each day.



If you choose the real-time alert option you will be sent emails immediately if your site goes down and when it comes back up. You will receive these messages around the clock, no matter the time, and you can individually configure each of the checks done by KeepUsUp to send alerts to different email addresses. Bear in mind that if you are having intermittent problems with the uptime of your website you may end up receiving a lot of emails. Picking this option is best for active webmasters and large, industry leading companies that depend on maintaining 99.8% or higher uptime to solidify their brand and image.

If you would like to change the frequency of your alerts after your initial setup, please let us know through email or using our online contact form.

KeepUsUp Support Team

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